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summer sports in philly

it's hot out there - time for some fun in the sun!

When the sun is out, it’s time to get active. Philadelphia is home to many famous parks, beautiful scenes, social hubs and athletic clubs, so if you’re looking for summer sports options this summer, you’re in luck. Here are some fitness-friendly opportunities to seize for your most memorable summer yet. 

Summer Water Sports in Philly

Your summer fun wouldn’t be complete without water sports. Here are some ways to get your head in the game and your body in the water, both in Philly and surrounding areas.

Kayak and Paddle Boarding Tours: Ever wanted to experience a private, romantic kayak tour by moonlight? Now’s your chance. Hidden River Outfitters provides unforgettable private and group tours by kayak and paddle board. Tour along Schuylkill River day or night with your family, friends, school group or fitness posse. There’s no greater place to experience the sights of the city by waterway than these unique kayak tours. 

Independence Seaport Museum Kayak Excursions: Whether you want to learn how to kayak for the first time or you’re looking for an advanced long-distance exploration by paddle, join the Independence Seaport Museum on their guided adventures along the Delaware River. Kayaks and paddle boards can be rented at an affordable price. There are plenty of unforgettable nature experiences to schedule for adults, kids and group tours. 

Aqua Vida Floating Fitness Classes: Tone up and slim down while surrounded by natural lakes and oceans. Aqua Vida offers SUP yoga and fitness classes on the water, challenging you to balance and move in a whole new way. Access their outdoor exercise and meditation classes to experience “the power of water” throughout Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey. 

Philadelphia Canoe Club: Discover your love of tranquil flat water canoeing (or adrenaline-pumping whitewater kayaking, if that’s more your style) with the Philadelphia Canoe Club. Loved by locals for more than 100 years, the PCC hosts beginner training, social paddle events, novice explorations and fun post-paddle potlucks all summer long. Find your new canoe crew while soaking up the sun and getting a scenic workout in! 

Jet Skiing and Jet Ski Rentals: When you’re feeling the need for speed, hop on a jet ski. Watercraft rentals and jet skiing throughout the Philly area are listed so you can choose from many stunning experiences this summer. Ride the waters with refreshing thrills on hot days or take a smooth adventure across Philly’s best lakes and ports. 

Lake Harmony Wakeboarding Lessons: Wakeboarding is a big aspiration for any water sports lover, but it can be extremely challenging to get up on the board– or land cool aerial tricks. If you or your kids have ever wanted to learn wakeboarding in style, you’re in luck. The Lake Harmony Watersports program offers all-inclusive learning packages so you can learn, practice and ride the wake with a smile.

Twin Rivers Tubing: Sit in a tube and leisurely float down the river or hang on for dear life behind a motor boat– tubing is a classic summer activity for all ages. Twin Rivers Tubing provides a variety of water sports options including tubing, kayaking, raft rentals, canoe rentals and more.

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Fun Outdoor Activities in Philadelphia 

There are plenty of activities to enjoy that don’t involve water. Whether you don’t like swimming or you simply need a break to stand on solid ground, here are some great options to get you out and about this summer. 

Outdoor Roller Skating Rink: Experience Center City in a new and fun way with the Rothman Orthopedics Roller Rink. This outdoor roller skating rink attracts retro fans, social groups and roller skating novices to enjoy the checkerboard rink surrounded by art installations. Get your skating on soon, because the rink is only open until mid-July, 2022. 

Outdoor Yoga: Unroll your yoga mat and relax your body with Heyday Athletic’s outdoor group yoga experiences. Keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming “Glow Yoga” sessions, where you and your friends can strengthen, stretch and laugh with glow sticks under the stars. 

Spikeball: If you’re into spikeball, consider joining a Philadelphia summer league. Yes, it’s that popular. Don’t miss your chance to meet new friends, level up your skills and have fun in Heyday’s upcoming 2v2 spikeball tournaments. 

Philly Outdoor Walking and Running Trails: Hit the trails solo or with a fitness partner, because there are plenty of beautiful routes to choose from. eseo Sports has compiled a list of some of the best scenic walking and running trails you won’t want to miss this summer. No matter what your fitness level, these are sure to get you moving and fulfill anyone’s nature fix. 

Wissahickon Valley Park: With over 1 million visitors every year, Wissahickon Valley Park is widely loved for its long list of recreational activities. From rocky trails and mountain biking to horseback riding paths and fishing, any summer sports freak has to check this place out. You can become a member and support a good cause while enjoying the trail throughout the summer.

Philadelphia Running Clubs: No matter what level of athleticism you’re stepping into this summer, runners abound in Philadelphia. Join a competitive running team, hook up with a fun jogging club or start training for next year’s marathon with dozens of running clubs in Philly. 

Philadelphia Field Sports for Summer

Take it to the grass with Philly’s best field sports this summer. With so many sports lovers in the city, it’s easier than ever to connect with fellow team players. Browse some of the upcoming leagues and trainings. 

Summer Soccer Leagues: Philly Soccer hosts a wide variety of summer leagues including co-ed, women’s leagues and gender-nonconforming leagues. Leagues range from skilled and competitive to casual and fun, so make sure to check out their website for which soccer session is best for you. 

Philly Kickball Summer League: The original Philly Kickball League is still going strong and they have a summer waitlist to prove it. If you’re looking for a laid back, fun, team-focused kickball league to enjoy all summer, sign up for the Sunday Funday sessions ASAP. 

Heyday Philadelphia Volleyball: Heyday Athletic makes volleyball available for everyone. They hold volleyball leagues all across Philadelphia, welcoming co-ed teams to hit the court. You can also choose to play with teams on sand or grass, if that’s more your preference. Sign ups can be found on their website and league timeframes rotate on designated weekdays so you can fit in your schedule no matter what. 

Philly Co-Ed Sports and Happy Hours: Who says you can’t be active and enjoy a couple of drinks after the game? The Meetup group, Philly Co-Ed Sports and Happy Hour, hosts community play times for people of all sports games. If you want to find new friends in a welcoming environment of fellow sports lovers, get involved this summer as it’s the most active time of year. 

Philadelphia Pickleball: Philly has a renowned love for pickleball (you probably already know). Fun, fast, versatile and competitive, pickleball is a top summer sport. You can play one-on-one or play doubles, so take your pick: we’ve created a list of some of the best Philly pickleball clubs and tournaments for you to check out. 

Where to Play Summer Sports in Philadelphia

Looking to find some new sports friends in the area? Join a team, drop in at a fitness class or hit the water during the most active season of the year. If you need help locating fellow sports players or athletes, the eseo app is here to help. If you’re curious about more Philadelphia sports activities available to locals, reach out to us today. 

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it's hot out there - time for some fun in the sun!