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apps to help you be more active

tech doesn't have to mean glued-to-a-screen - here are some apps to help you be more active

What do meditation, dating, thrift shopping and graphic design all have in common? There’s an app to make it happen. These days, there’s an app for everything. It’s amazing. But using mobile apps for fitness? That might be the missing piece to your exercise goals. Here are some of the best apps out there today to help you get up, get out and get more active. 

Apps for Outdoor Adventurers

Don’t walk, run. Or just take the scenic route: these apps are specially designed for nature lovers. Embrace the elements and go explore the great outdoors.

eseo: The eseo (“every sport for every one”) app was created for building your athletic ability as well as your community. Find local running events, outdoor sports leagues and training partners in your area to stay inspired and get fit. 

AllTrails: AllTrails is a popular trailruning, hiking and nature walking app. It’s like Yelp, but for the best trails near you. Filter your search by location, trail type, distance or scenic preference. 

REI Trail Run Project App: REI helps outdoor enthusiasts find trails around the world. Known for its earth-friendly values and employee generosity, REI doesn’t disappoint with this free app. The best part? It works offline. 

Moonboard: Moonboard is a one-of-a-kind rock climbing trainer app. Train solo or with your friends on a digitally interactive climbing wall that syncs to your smartphone. Build your own wall or find an indoor Moonboard gym near you. 

Crimpd: Whether you rock climb indoors or outdoors, Crimpd keeps you ripped and ready for any strenuous climb. With 200+ workouts for climbers, this app is loved by endurance adventurers. 

Fitness Training Apps

When getting in the best shape of your life is the goal, here are the popular apps to tailor your workout routines toward success. 

Sworkit: One of the top fitness apps lets you customize your goals, then gives you targeted training to fulfill them. Sworkit combines fitness, mindset and injury prevention in an app easily used on your smartphone. 

Freeletics Bodyweight: This app uses AI to deliver you one of over 350 workouts based on your goals and current progress, from beginner to advanced. 

MySwimPro: A digital swim coach that offers 1-on-1 coaching calls, MySwimPro gives training resources for swimmers both for pool and open water workouts.

PEAR Personal Fitness: This is a luxe and accessible workout trainer app aimed at all fitness levels. It can be used at home or in the gym and touts custom workout experiences.  

FitBody: If you’re looking for a fitness training app for women, FitBody is the top choice. Train smarter or learn to burn fat– it’s your empowered choice. 

Health and Wellness Apps 

Fitness is difficult without the proper health and wellness habits to keep your vitality up, so here are a few health apps with a fitness focus. 

MyFitnessPal: The #1 fitness app for iPhone, MyFitnessPal tracks your diet and your exercise as you work your way up toward better habits. 

8fit: Combine nutrition and fitness insights with the well-loved 8fit app, simplifying your health from sleep to meal plans and training sessions you need to stay on track. 

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Apps for Running and Cycling 

Okay, you’re a perseverance freak who loves to run and/or ride. Check out these apps for distance lovers like you. 

Strava: Track your routes, break new records and log your biometrics if you wish. This is the #1 app for cyclists and runners– enough said. 

Nike+ Run Club: Join Nike on their quest to help people fall in love with running. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned athlete, it’s time to tie up your shoes and hit the pavement. 

MapMyRun: Measure and map your runs and jogs with MapMyRun, no matter where you go. Alternatively, you can join a running club where the route is already predetermined for you.

Yoga Apps 

Get calm, centered and strong with some of the most well-known yoga training apps. Namaste. 

Glo: Enjoy yoga, pilates and mindful fitness routines that let you release tension, build muscle and learn what it’s like to flow through a studio yoga session from the comfort of your home. 

Daily Yoga: Join the global yoga community. Learn new poses, customize your yoga routines and discover hundreds of meditations for body and mind.

Apps for Gym Junkies 

Every gym rat needs a workout tracker. Here are some apps that make it easy to record your reps and bests. 

Strong: Track your workouts and level up your weight training routine. Strong guides you through your fitness journey with an intuitive strength training planner and custom features. 

Keelo: Access the strength training and conditioning tips you need for home and gym-adapted workouts. Learn good form, track your heart rate and follow along with HD training videos. 

Jefit: Loved by strength training enthusiasts, Jefit helps you meet all your workout goals and share your experiences with others online. 

Apps for Home Workouts

You have to do what you have to do. Working out at home is a great way to get active and build consistent fitness habits. There are apps for you, too.

Zwift: If you love equipment, Zwift lets you gamify virtual bike rides so you can have fun and get a good sweat in. 

Aaptiv: Aaptiv adjusts your fitness programs to meet designated fitness goals, and you also have the option to sync your workouts to your favorite music. 

Studio Bloom: The top fitness app for pregnant and postpartum women, Studio Bloom brings safe, gentle fitness training to you so you can focus on your family during these crucial months. 

App for Getting Active and Social

If you want to get more active, using an app by yourself may only do so much. The CDC suggests working out with a friend or partner to boost motivation, stay consistent and reach record-breaking results.

Take your fitness up a notch with an app that helps you meet fitness friends. To find sports meetups and athletic partners in your area, download the eseo app (every sport for every one).

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tech doesn't have to mean glued-to-a-screen - here are some apps to help you be more active