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eseo is deeply focused on its mission of uniting athletes and strengthening communities.

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eseo is a community, welcoming people of all ages from every discipline and culture who seek more connections and interactions with sport. We believe passionately in the power of sport to inspire, unite and strengthen so are bringing together a community of athletes to engage with, both online and in real life, all year long. To help advance its mission of uniting athletes and strengthening communities, eseo is writing a collection of resources to help people find ways to easily and efficiently engage with sports in local communities. Offering an array of resources from a variety of perspectives, eseo provides both insights as well as a resource-based approach to help community members more easily and efficiently engage in local sport activities.

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Ideas to Stay Active as You Get Older: Savoring Life's Golden Years

July 25, 2023

Growing older is a blessing that comes with its own set of challenges.

staying active as you age

9 Underrated Runs in Philadelphia for Summer 2023

May 4, 2023

Explore the lesser-known running events to keep you active in between the Broad Street Run and the Philly Marathon

2023 Philadelphia Summer Races

26 places in Philadelphia to recycle your shoes

January 2, 2023

recycle your new and gently used shoes

recycle shoes

eseo in the media

December 14, 2022

press coverage

eseo in the media

keeping fitness fun: an interview with adam mussell of the benny bridge crew

September 16, 2022

ian and adam talk community, sports, and outdoor workouts.

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brotherhood through running: an interview with black men run captain george morse

September 12, 2022

an interview with VIR george morse

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running through the discomfort: an interview with dawn

September 8, 2022

dawn is one of philly's VIRs - here's why

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start before you’re ready: an interview with jordan sved

September 6, 2022

an interview with philly VIR jordan sved

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an every-person’s run club: an interview with noah and sandy of manayunk beer runners

September 7, 2022

learn more about manayunk beer runners and what makes sandy and noah some of philly's virs

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helping people improve: an interview with fairmount running club founder bennett brookstein

September 6, 2022

find out why bennett is one of philly's VIRs

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community with depth: an interview with sunny goklani

August 29, 2022

an interview with the founder and leader of the young active professionals (y.a.p.) group

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a unique running experience: an interview with brittney paye of navy yard run club

August 24, 2022

from hockey player to running group facilitator - brittney rocks

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a group for the future: an interview with queer run founder cain leathers

August 23, 2022

cain leathers makes an enormous difference everyday in the Philly running & LGBTQ+ community

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clearing hurdles in life and business: an interview with RunningCo leader dave welsh

August 22, 2022

he used to be known as the "pig runner" - now he's the real deal, crushing it in Philly...

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wired differently: an interview with philadelphia ultra runner, gagz

August 17, 2022

mister loopy looper ultrarunner racer himself - meet Gagz

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running toward community: an interview with danielle amari of women running west chester

August 15, 2022

read an interview between Ian from eseo and Danielle Amari from Women Running West Chester

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helping you do what moves you: an interview with restore hyper wellness

August 9, 2022

get to know the team at restore hyper wellness

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always moving: an interview with soulcycle master instructor ryan lewis

August 15, 2022

get to know soulcycle master instructor ryan lewis

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all faces, all paces: an interview with O.P.A.C. founder lionel brahim brodie

July 6, 2022

Here's a convo we had with Lionel Brahim Brodie, founder of O.P.A.C.

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fishtown beer runners: an interview With david april

June 28, 2022

FBR is an awesome org in Philly - learn all about it!

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May 3, 2022

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