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LGBTQ+ friendly places to play sports

Philly's great for inclusive places to play sports & be active!

Fun and competitive athletic experiences should be accessible to all. But the LGBTQ+ community has faced some discrimination and disadvantages throughout the world and sports history. Fortunately, Philadelphia is a city known for its inclusion and LGBT progress, even in sports. If you’re looking to find your next LGBT sports league, Philadelphia is full of welcoming communities. Here are some LGBTQ+ friendly places you can find sports teams to play with. 

LGBT Sports Organizations in Philadelphia

One way to find an LGBT sports league of your choice is to search the internet for queer-friendly organizations. They may have connections to LGBT athletic events. In Philly, there are many of these organizations.

United States Gay Sports Network: Philadelphia’s branch of the USGSN has adult sports leagues focused on LGBTQ+ individuals. Leagues include bowling, soccer, tennis, cheerleading, rugby, running and volleyball.

Stonewall Sports, Philly: Stonewall Sports offers recreational and organized sports, as well as health classes and social meetups. From yoga to kickball to sand volleyball, Stonewall is a well-known ethical organization that connects thousands of people every year.

Visit Philly (Sports Page): The Visit Philadelphia website has a page for local and tourist sports lovers. Here, you can find local sports events and popular sports bars. You can also discover upcoming LGBT athletics leagues and pickup games.  

UPenn LGBTQ+ Center and Community: The University of Pennsylvania offers community resources for gay/lesbian, bi, trans, non-binary and queer individuals in the Philadelphia area. You can connect with local recreational clubs and sports teams, or discover groups attending UPenn. 

Campus Pride for LGBT Athletics: Campus Pride serves colleges and universities all over the United States, including dozens of schools in the Philly and PA areas. Their athletics branch seeks to connect LGBTQ+ communities to sports activities. 

William Way LGBTQIA+ Community Center: Another beloved LGBTQ center that connects folks of various interests is William Way. Arts & culture, empowerment and athletics opportunities are available on their website, serving the Philadelphia community. 

LGBTQ Sports Leagues 

As an adult, it’s important to maintain hobbies and keep playing sports you may have once loved as a kid. It’s personally fulfilling, socially beneficial and physically healthy to participate in adult sports. There are many popular leagues open specifically to gender-diverse groups in Philadelphia— let’s note a few.

City of Brotherly Love Softball League: The City of Brotherly Love wouldn’t be complete without an LGBT softball league. CBLSL is open to new and advanced players of all ability levels and sexual orientations, with leagues rotating all year. 

Greater Philadelphia Flag Football League: With a record of partnering with NGFFL (National Gay Flag Football League), Philadelphia’s flag football teams are open to queer communities of male and gay identities. 

LGBT Self-Defense Seminars: Is self-defense a sport? You decide— but either way, the LGBTQ+ Self-Defense and Shooter Seminars in Philly are a hit. Participants can learn basic training, firearm safety and self-defense in dealing with physical and verbal assault. 

Philadelphia LGBT Sports: The Philly Fun Guide lists active sports leagues run by LGBTQ groups in the greater Philadelphia area. They also offer virtual sports, including yoga and fantasy football.

Philly Falcons: Love soccer? Go kick it at the next Philly Falcons pickup game. The league brings affordable, inclusive soccer games to all people, with an LGBTQ+ focus. Their motto: “Inclusive. Driven. Soccer.” 

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Where to Find LGBTQ Sports Teams in Philadelphia 

If you’re feeling outgoing, you can check out spontaneous sports meetups in the Philadelphia area. Here are some of the top ways LGBT folks can find sports teams to join.

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation: There’s always something going on at the parks in Philly. With hundreds of parks providing everything from basketball courts to golf courses, you’re bound to find a sporting community of your preference. 

Philadelphia LGBT Sports Meetup Groups: is a helpful site that lets you meet people who share specific interests in your area. Browse your zip code for diverse sports events and sign-ups. 

Eventbrite Philly LGBTQ+ Events: Eventbrite also lists local inclusive sports events and teams on their LGBT Philadelphia site. From walking groups to sports park meetups, there are always new interesting opportunities to explore. 

Al Pearlman Sports Complex: The Al Pearlman Sports Complex aims to bridge diversity and community growth in all arenas. Upon reconstruction, the LGBTQ+ community has a safe space to meet, bond and get their sports games on. 

eseo Sports Finder App: The eseo sports app is an up-and-coming resource to find fellow sports players in Philadelphia and other metropolitan areas. You can search by sport, city or role. Connect with groups who value diversity and freedom of expression. 

Find an LGBT Sports Activity Near You

Are you someone who values strong inclusivity in sports? At eseo (every sport for every one), we believe it’s never too late to find the perfect athletics community. No matter where you live, it should be convenient and safe to connect with people who play sports you want to play. 

Using the eseo app, you can search for athletes and teams in a neighborhood near you. Contact us today to stay updated on new app features as they’re released for the LGBTQ community in Philadelphia and beyond.

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Philly's great for inclusive places to play sports & be active!